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Iván Ozorák


Iván was born 20th May 1975 in Dunaújváros.


To get in touch with Martial Arts through Karate Kyokushinkai in Székesfehérvár.
Zoltán Lukács, László Budán, József Joháczi



The break of Steven Seagal's blockbusters into the Hungarian cinemas, to get enchanted by Christian Tissier'a Aikido performance, televised on an international sport channel, from Martial Art festival Paris, Bercy.


The beginning of training Aikido in Dunaújváros under Antal Verebics, Hajnalka Verebics and Ferenc Kerti. The Dojo belonged to the Hungarian Aikido Association (MASZ) led by Rudolf Várszegi and followed the guidelines of sensei Tamura Nobuyoshi.
The first experience as a trainer in Baracs Community Centre


After graduation, spending a short time in the Hungarian Kobayashi Dojos in Székesfehérvár - Tamás Pápai's (Shintai Dojo) and Imre Máté's (Norito Dojo).
Moving to the UK and training in the Manchester dojo of the British Aikido Association - led by Kanetsuka Minoru, named Wa Go Kan with Paul Healy and David Yates.


Being back to Hungary, moving to Gyöngyös, foundation of an own dojo, as well as leading/instructing trainings in Ózd, in Karácsond, and being involved in PE classes in a local primary school.


Obtainment of instructor certification in Aikido. Getting acquainted with Michael Narey, the Scottish (8th dan) student of Tamura sensei in a professional training camp which was the part of the instructor training.

Owing to the appropriate civil job, there has been a chance of visiting several Aikido dojos in Europe (Ausztria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK).

Continuous attendance and support to the training camps led by Christian Tissier's students (Marc Bachraty, Bruno Gonzalez és Bodo Rödel) since their first appearance in Hungary.

Fulfillment of the requirements for dan tests from 1st to 3rd, supervised by Tamura Nobuyoshi, as well as from 4th to 5th under the supervision of the examination board of the International Martial Arts Federation (IMAF).


Being involved in a brand new project to organize and instruct training for Autistic people (Autista Segítő Központ, Gyöngyös). After the successful accomplishment, several Autistic people took up the daily trainings of Aikido.


Getting done with a membership of an Aikido association in the capital, Aikido Gyöngyös was founded.


Leaving IMAF and returning to the authentic way of Aikido > presented by Aikikai. Supporting AikidoFriends Iván gets closer to the Hungarian community of Christian Tissier, through Bruno Gonzalez as the technical leader.


Iván and the association he leads (OAE) join Aikikai Hungary. AH is the official representative of Aikikai Hombu in Hungary, based in 2012.
Year 2015 official Hombu recognition.
Year 2016 IAF membership.


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